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Then came 9/11 and suddenly being a Muslim became political. this is no longer the case.’ Ahmed was right that such linguistic narrowing had damaged the intellectual culture of the Islamic world.

Then came 9/11 and suddenly being a Muslim became political. this is no longer the case.’ Ahmed was right that such linguistic narrowing had damaged the intellectual culture of the Islamic world.I began to be asked questions that my mosque education had not equipped me for: about the rules of war, about the Prophet’s treatment of Jews and women, and the apparent intellectual stagnation of the Muslim world. In his much-discussed book (2015), the Harvard scholar Shahab Ahmed identifies this descent to monolingualism as a general historical phenomenon: ‘In the pre-modern period,’ he writes, ‘the educated elite of the Balkans-to-Bengal complex would, as a matter of course, have been proficient in reading texts in Arabic and Persian . Especially so for British Muslims, I would argue, many of whom have absorbed their compatriots dislike of learning languages. We are cut off from the past 1400 years of interpretation and re-interpretation, from the poems and songs, the commentaries and treaties, the folklore and stories that make up Islamic civilisation.

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At a party, I was told by a senior journalist who fancied himself an expert on these things: ‘Of course the problem is that al-Ghazali closed the gates of and barely knew anything about al-Ghazali. And all we are left with is a Wahhabi-fied religion starved of the revitalising infusions gained over the centuries from the people that the religion first conquered, and whose cultures then conquered it.

(I know a bit more now and if my questioner is reading this: you’re wrong, the gates remain wide open.) I felt unsettled by my ignorance of Islamic philosophy, theology, literature and the languages they were written in. My papa was an expert in three of the four main languages of Islam: Arabic, Persian and Urdu. All of which is my way of explaining why over the last ten years I’ve been studying, with varying degrees of application and more than one fallow period, Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

British Muslims often complain about western ignorance.

Just as worrying, though, is our own ignorance of a rich and varied religious and cultural inheritance; one that doesn’t much resemble the version I sometimes hear preached on the high street by men flaunting their beards and badly printed pamphlets. Growing up in a west London suburb, I had a typical enough religious education, learning to recite the Qur’an without knowing what it meant and sitting through hours of incomprehensible Urdu lectures.

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Learning And Teaching About Islam Essays In Understanding

You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Amid the usual frustrations and setbacks, I’ve become addicted not only to the languages themselves but also to the environment of the language class.Naturally, I started with Arabic, Islam’s central liturgical language.I grew up reading both translations, and both have their virtues.Pickthall channels the poetic archaisms of the King James Bible to imitate the lofty style of the original Arabic.Sometimes it feels as though we are regarded as (at best) an anomaly needing to be civilised into modernity; and (at worst) barbarians hell-bent on colonising Britain’s streets.These binary expectations have created an insecure generation, continually under pressure to explain – or even justify – a faith they may not really know that much about.He surveyed us from a black-and-white photograph in the living room, sitting on an ivory chair at Zanzibar’s High Court, where he worked first as a prosecutor and later a magistrate.Clustered on his chest are the medals he won for his service to the empire, including the Coronation Medal and an MBE.Insecurity breeds fractured selves, divided families, welling resentments.The danger thus arises that, in pursuit of an authentic ‘Islamic identity’, some may be drawn to charismatic preachers offering a simple, ready-made version of Islam, for the price of a few You Tube clicks.


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