Kombucha Business Plan

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“I think it’s great that there is something as unique as a first kombucha brewery in Snohomish County here in Arlington,” Larsen said.

“It’s something different for the city.” Kombucha is a 2,000-year-old process of taking tea – black or green tea – adding a little sugar and honey, then fermenting using something called Scoby, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. With her knowledge of building startups, Chrapaty, now a Bellevue resident, teamed with Profit to create a business plan for a kombucha bar in Arlington. said he was impressed with the startup company’s goals.

“They believe it is what Genghis Khan’s soldiers carried in their flasks to give them fighting stamina and endurance, so it was kind of like the first sports drink before there was sports drink because it had vitamins and electrolytes.”Feeling better from drinking the kombucha, Smith said they began homebrewing it, which is produced by fermenting tea using a “symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast” or SCOBY, in kombucha terms.“I have always been curious about brewing stuff.

I became really intrigued by it, so I ordered the organic kombucha SCOBY through the mail.

Analysts believe this is due in part to the new alcoholic segment of the kombucha market.

The Smiths, who do not make alcoholic kombucha, began dialing in their favorite flavors and then slowly figuring out a way to experiment with whether they could take such a product to market locally.

My wife thought I was crazy at first getting bags of goo in the mail,” Smith said, laughing, “But she thought I was less crazy once we started second ferments and flavoring it with different herbs and things like hibiscus.”Smith said the flavoring and experimenting with various fruits and herbs came naturally.“I’ve been interested in herbs since I was a kid.

My mammaw and pappaw used to go see Catfish Man of The Woods (internationally famous herbalist Clarence “Catfish” Gray) and they would come back with big bags of herbs, so I have always been fascinated by it.

So you grow, you put mushroom tea on top and you let it ferment. They found a large space on Fifth Street in downtown recently vacated by a beer brewery, and Chrapaty asked a marketer and graphic designer in New York to design a logo for Glory Bucha. Larsen said the business’s location along the Centennial Trail gives cyclists and walker easy access to a first boost of kombucha in the morning to get them going.

During a visit to learn more about the new business and brewing process, U. Larsen tried several flavors, with Marley Ginger his favorite.


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