Kolb Model Essay

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I still remember that moment when a colleague of mine came up to me and said: If you need some advice, come to me, I will help you out.

The days after I started thinking about my first day as a teacher. I thought I had a certain prospect in my life and I was ready to walk on this road, without knowing what stands at its end.

It helps you to learn more about yourself and reflect more on the given experience you want to describe.

You should not think that an experiential essay is written to prove writing skills.

Hence, imagination and logic always walk hand in hand when it comes to writing experiential essays.

Basically, every piece of text one writes is a kind of learning.It is rather a form of learning which will put you in a position to be aware of more about your strengths, weaknesses, habits, etc.And because of the fact that no one lives in isolation from the society, you also learn about your relations with other members of your society.Do not forget to consult your instructor any time when you have questions regarding the essay.Get Custom-Made Essay I have always wanted to be a teacher of Science. Finally, after long waiting I went to my workplace - a high-school in the town of X.David Kolb has elaborated a model of experiential learning.It consists of four main parts which you should include in your essay: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.I met all my future students and their parents for the first time, which was a very exciting experience for me.The day passed slowly; in the beginning I did not know what to do and what to say, but the good attitude of the people towards me made me speak more and be more talkative.If you are assigned to write an experiential essay, here are some tips you can use.Experiential essays are much different from other types of essays, such as descriptive or argumentative essays.


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