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Crystal Growth of Hybrid Nonlinear Optical Materials: 2-Amino-5-Nitropyridinium Dihydrogenphosphate and Dihydrogenarsenate J. Growth 180, 229-237 (1997) - SALOME-PATEYRON M., PEYRIN F., CLOETENS P., BARUCHEL B, SPANNE P., SUORTTI P., LAVAL-JEANTET A. Assessment of bone microarchitecture using synchrotron radiation 3D computed Microtomography ESRF Newsletter, 26-28 (April 1997) - PEYRIN F., SALOME M., BERGOT C., CLOETENS P., LAVAL-JEANTET A. Quantification of the trabecular structure from 3D synchrotron radiation microtomography: comparison to histology (Abstract) Osteoporosis International, 7, 268 (1997) 1998 - DI FONZO S., JARK W., SOULLIÉ G., CEDOLA A., LAGOMARSINO S., CLOETENS P., RIEKEL C.

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Characterization of large KTi PO4 flux grown crystals by synchrotron radiation topography J. Growth 180, 85-93 (1997) - REJMANKOVA P., BARUCHEL J., KULDA J. Science and Engineering A 234-236, 633-635 (1997) - IBANEZ A., LEVY J. Crystal growth of a promising non-linear optical material: 2-amino-5-nitropyridinium chloride J.

Crystal Growth, 166, 329-333 (1996) - TUOMINEN M., PRIEUR E., YAKUMOVA R., GLASS R. 3D microtomography of cancellous bone samples using synchrotron SPIE Medical Imaging 2708, 417-426 (1996) 1997 - REJMANKOVA P., BARUCHEL J., VILLEVAL P., SAUNAL C. Damage assesment in an Al/Si C composite during monotonic tensile tests using synchrotron X-ray microtomography Mat.

OHLER Effect of doping on Ga1-x Alx As structural properties Acta Physica Polonica A 91, 911 (1997) - L.

SURMA Structural perfection of Cz-Si crystals annealed above 1500 K under hydrostatic pressure Acta Physica Polonica A 91, 927 (1997) - A.

28, A78-A83 (1995) - REJMANKOVA P., BARUCHEL J., KULDA J., CALEMCZUK R., SALCE B. -Li IO3 under a direct or alternating current electric field J. Neutron topography ERICE "X-rays and Neutrons dynamical diffraction, theory and applications", edited by A.

A vibrating monochromator for the 'diffraction topography' beamline of the ESRF J. Investigation of hydrogen implanted Li Nb O3 under a DC electric field by synchrotron radiation topography Physica B 226, 293-303 (1996) - SCHLENKER M., BARUCHEL J. ROLLAND White beam topography investigations of crystalline defects in silicon on insulator materials J. Crystal Growth 00, 1-12 (1996) - PATEYRON M., PEYRIN F., LAVAL-JEANTET A.-M., SPANNE P., CLOETENS P., PEIX G. Y., MAIRE E., VERDU C., CLOETENS P., PATEYRON M., PEIX G., BARUCHEL J. Structural defects in Hg1-x Cdx I2 layers grown on Cd Te substrates by vapor phase epitaxy J. Quantitative aspects of coherent hard X-ray imaging: Talbot images and holographic reconstruction SPIE 3154, 72-82 (1997) - MADAR R., ANIKIN M., CHOUROU K., LABEAU M., PONS M., BLANQUET E., DEDULLE J. Defects formation in sublimation grown 6H-Si C single crystal boules Diamond and Related Materials, 6, 1249-1261 (1997) - BUFFIERE J. SURMA Defect structure of pressure treated Czochralski grown Silicon investigated by synchrotron radiation X-ray topography and diffractometry Acta Physica Polonica A 91, 987 (1997) - W. PIETRASZKO X-ray characterization of Ga As: Zn gas-transport grown whiskers using conventional and synchrotron sources Acta Physica Polonica A 91, 997 (1997) - W. Stress-induced oxygen precipitation in Cz-Si Material Science and Engineering B 36, 30 (1996) - BAK-MISIUK J., DOMAGALA J., TRELA J., LESZYNSKI M., MISIUK A., HÄRTWIG J, PRIEUR E. 199, Plenum, New York (1996) - MISIUK A., SURMA B., HÄRTWIG J. Treatment of the Heat-Load Associated Contrast in Synchrotron Radiation Topography Il Nuovo Cimento 19D, 247-256 (1997) - OHLER M., HÄRTWIG J., PRIEUR E. New possibilities for section topographic investigations at third generation Il Nuovo Cimento 19D, 195-203 (1997) - ZONTONE F., MANCINI L. Investigation of KTi PO4 crystals under an electric field by synchrotron radiation topography Phil. B 75, 871-886 (1997) - OHLER M., BARUCHEL J., MOORE A. Direct observation of mosaic blocks in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite Nucl. of Solid State Chemistry, 129, 22-29 (1997) - MEDRANO C., REJMANKOVA P., OHLER M., MATSOULI I. 1,3 X-ray Emission Lines of the 3d Transition Metals Physical Review A 56, 4554 (1997) - SOCHINSKII N. I., CLOETENS P., BARUCHEL J., HÄRTWIG J., MAIRS T., BIASCI J. Conserving the coherence and uniformity of third generation synchrotron radiation beams: the case of ID19, a 'long' beamline at the ESRF Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 5, 1243-1249 (1998), - MANCINI L., REINIER E., CLOETENS P., GASTALDI J., HÄRTWIG J., SCHLENKER M., BARUCHEL J. Phys, 31, 1478-1486 (1998) - REJMANKOVA P., BARUCHEL J., MORETTI P., ARBORE M., FEJER M., FOULON G. Lett, 78, 159-167 (1998) - ZOLOTOYABKO E., SHILO D., SAUER W., PERNOT E., BARUCHEL J. Submicrometre resolution phase-contrast radiography with the beam from an X-ray waveguide Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 5, 376-378 (1998), - ESPESO J.


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