Kinetic Homework

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Please sign-up for the email list of the class, to receive homework assignments, last minute announcements, class cancellations etc. Contact and office hour information for the two graders for the class: Purba Chatterjee ([email protected]).

You will not be able to receive the homework assignments without doing this. Everyone attending the class needs to do this, even if you are auditing or not taking the class for credit. Office hour Fridays 3-4pm 3115 ESB Minhui Zhu ([email protected]).

You may wish to ask students what Olivia says about the objects in the drawing. Q asks the class to look at five images of the hillside (part of their homework).

(Note that Olivia mentions that it is a “weird energy system” that “is storing up energy.”) These are key concepts that will be explored throughout the unit. She tells the members of each table group to compare answers and to discuss their thinking.

Quantitative calculations show that the timescale for the requisite flow is too long.

Kinetic Homework

Read more about this in Science News Online; in Discover magazine; and in the American Journal of Physics 66, 392 (1998). Some historical context and a brief discussion of the way in which the Onsager solution has influenced subsequent developments is given in this article, written on the 50th anniversary of Onsager's solution.There are several computer simulations of the Ising model and other simple statistical mechanics model available on the WWW.With these you can visualise equilibrium behaviour of correlations, dynamic critical behaviour and even the kinetics of the approach to equilibrium.The students are confused about the terms and do not understand the homework.But as the students talk, they reveal that they actually have a basic understanding of the concepts.The activity ends with a look at the three solutions of the fictional students featured in the dialogue; two have errors, one does not.LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students explore the scientific language used in studying potential and kinetic energy.An important historical note is here, and the original report (which was never published) is here.A visualization showing the surprising result is here. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.In this Science Scene, a dialogue to read aloud as a class, students meet characters discussing their science homework about kinetic and potential energy.


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