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During that time workers really did not receive appropriate pay for their labor and exploitation of the working class by the class of capitalists was evident.The situation has changed since than, and nowadays we can not talk about the exploitation of working class in the countries of Western Europe and America.

During that time workers really did not receive appropriate pay for their labor and exploitation of the working class by the class of capitalists was evident.

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Marx claimed that this class of bourgeoisie would soon become the proletariat.

The landlords present an ancient class, which used to be important earlier and now this class only reminds us about its wealth and power.

Workers produce goods and services, but final result belongs to the owners of plants and factories.

Labor of workers is not paid accordingly and this finally leads to the alienation of their work.

The philosophical method of Marxism is dialectical materialism, which is based on the Hegel’s theory of the dialectical idealism.

Dialectical materialism presumes economic determinant to be the prima determinant in history.The bourgeoisie presents the social class, which owns the means of production and so it exploits the proletariat.The bourgeoisie class could be further divided into the wealthy bourgeoisie and the petit bourgeoisie.Class consciousness presumes the ability of a social class to act in its own rational interests.The means of production include the means of labor and the subject of labor. They require labor power in order to produce something.He defined exploitation of one class by another as a key feature of capitalism and free market.Capitalists gain their profit from the difference between the value of the product and actual wages that workers receive.The peasantry and farmers are a disorganized class, which is unable to change anything. According to Marx the proletariat, which consists of the industrial workers, is the only true productive class, which can develop economy and so rule the country.The main principles of Marx’ collective works are based on class consciousness, mode of production means of production, ideology, historical materialism, exploitation, political economy and some others.He put factors which influenced the society on the economic background and considered them from the economical point of view.Marx used the term political economy in order to explain the conditions, under which capitalist system has been developed.


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