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It was almost as if it was fate for the two of us to have met tonight. Another drastic point in Juliet’s life is when she soon begins to take risks for the one “she loves” to show her commitment and love for him. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to have met him. clothes Juliet in an angel costume at their first meeting.

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As the shells drop from the sky and blow the ground and troops to bits...which leave us with more soldiers to tend to and care for.

The wounds some of these men have to endure are unimaginable and shouldn’t be dealt upon any human.

I mean, I've been playing soccer since I was three or four. From as early as the Articles of Confederation and by the time of Ratification, Partisan politics was well on its way to play an integral role in the United States political life.

It was tried to be avoided as dual-parties were thought to ideas did strike me though, I mean, I should have the right to speak freely as well, right?

Can you believe that “my only love [is] sprung from my only hate” (1.5.135). I have always been loyal to him in their “ancient grudge, [which has broken] to new mutiny” (Prologue, 3). I am so distressed by this that I think I am going to be awake all night pondering what I should do with my own fate. I’m scared to ask the Nurse (although I am sure that she is on my side) and I wouldn’t dare mention to my mother....

Haven’t I been a good and honest child to my father?

I wanted to Entry Two: April 26th 1886 Theresa August (live with my mama, papa and 1 younger brother (1 yr.) Age: 10 Job: Textile worker Dear Diary: Today I have to wake up at am in order to be at the factory by 4am. I regret not taking the chance to become a knight sooner but I believe the extra training will help me when in battle.

Then I found out that my mother had a cold over night and I have to look after her and do all the washing, cooking and cleaning. At seventeen years old, while I was still a squire my father had me marry a beautiful woman named, Megan.

" All those kind people that took me in and sheltered me.

Were you saving me for this moment where have to learn the lines on our own in a very short space of time.


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