Jimmy Baca Coming Into Language Essay

Jimmy Baca Coming Into Language Essay-2
Such a presentation could confuse the audience, thus making them hate the actual text.The essay, though shallow in the analysis, reveals the book to be an inspiring piece (para 1).Additionally, an author could draw recommendations from the text (Tanselle 20).

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Although there are assertions and claims made concerning events that happened in the life of Baca, there is no evidence in dictating that the author drew reference from the actual text read.

In most cases, a book could have a number of prints, or different editions; others could have different versions.

Further, it hints that the story is about a character and the actual author who learnt to read and write while in jail (para 1). This means that language learning process is indeed a two way affair.

The cultural background of any child is very instrumental in the language learning process of that child.

Ideas that flow in a logical and sequential manner makes it interesting for the audience to read.

By chronologically presenting arguments, an author shows the conception of the idea, its maturity and later the conclusion.

Although the essay uses quotes from the actual text as evidence of the arguments raised, the lack of pagination of these quotes makes them irrelevant.

By using direct quotes from the actual text, it makes it possible for the audience to make a quick reference of that text to the actual text.

Anybody reading a text and wants to draw reference to the actual text used, the direct quotes give them guidance to the actual page numbers used in the text.

However, the failure of the author in this essay to include page numbers of the quoted texts makes the quotes invalid.


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