Jesus Moses Comparative Essay

Stridency and fanaticism characterised the behaviour of those maintaining a delusion, especially when, in becoming religious for instance, you were practically admitting that you were being deluded about being a sound, together, on track person yourself by having had to defer to a sound prophet.In summary, the benefit of Imposed Discipline for the resigned, competitive way of living over the born-again, pseudo idealistic way of living was that it did not undermine a person’s participation in humanity’s great battleit simply provided a means to manage the upset associated with that battle.The comedian ‘They made him do miracles…​“Loaves and fishes, loaves and fishes, just like that! Ned’s posturing drives Homer crazy with frustration because Homer intuitively knows Ned is deluding himself in thinking his Christianity gives him the moral high ground going on to explain how the legitimate transformation that is now possible is the only way to save Western civilisation.) But even Ned is intuitively aware that he is practising delusion and so has to work hard at maintaining it.

Christ could see into the human condition, and his ability to do so meant he could see where and why people were ‘lost’ or alienated.

While the uncorrupted soundness of Christ and the denial-free, unresigned words he spoke could be extremely confronting, it could also centre people and make them whole and wellit could release them from their psychosis, from their crippled state of living in disconnected denial of their soul.

And, as physicians are increasingly recognising, many, if not most, physical ailments psychosomatic or soul-distressed in origin.

Of course, Moses’ power of insight didn’t stop there; he gave us the honest description of how the emergence of consciousness led to the corruption of humans in his Genesis story in the Bible of the banishment of , Moses recognised the fundamental truth that humanity has progressed from a state of innocence to a state of upset, and how, following the advent of agriculture, that progression eventually led to warfare. In fact, using stories like these and others, Moses was able to summarise the essential features of humanity’s entire journey from innocence to Resignation, through to the extremely upset state where humans began killing each other in wars.

Of more significance, however, than even these great insights about humanity’s journey from innocence to upset, was that Moses’ unresigned ability to confront the truth about the horrific extent and nature of humans’ corrupted condition motivated him to formulate a set of rules, the (the horns were symbolic of having spoken with God) What a phenomenally great denial-free, effective-thinking prophet Moses was! While He was dying His executioners gambled for the only piece of property He had on earth His coat.


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