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Posted by Peter Siewert on 14 January 2008 | Permalink I never thought to use the assignment opperator in the for() loop like that.Generally for my versions of the find Position functions, I just use recursion and sidestep the whole loop question: function find Left(obj) function find Top(obj) It might have a slightly higher performance hit, but you cant really beat a 2 line function.

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- Add a comment explicitly indicating your intentions.If you’re working towards becoming a better Java Script Developer, check out: Ace Your Javascript Interview — Learn Algorithms Data Structures. Please consider entering your email here if you’d like to be added to my once-weekly email list, or follow me on Twitter. Part of the reason was that its code was too complicated.If you want to compare two values, you should use a double equal sign since that's how Java Script works.If you accidentally use a single equal sign, you don't compare values but assign a value to a variable.Usually you just want to compare two values and take action based on whether they're equal or not.That's why you generally use the equality operator every time the loop restarts.For example: receives the value 3, which is a number and not a boolean. If any operator or statement receives a value of the wrong type, Java Script silently converts the value to the correct type.Chapter 5 of the book treats these situations in detail. Usually you don't want all this complicated stuff to happen.Here’s how you might write that code in Java Script: Thanks for reading!If you’re ready to finally learn Web Development, check out: The Ultimate Guide to Learning Full Stack Web Development in 6 months.


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