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Electronic network in privacy is part of a person’s property.The persons in question are subscribed in transactions cognizable to the law to obtain internet access within their scope.

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Whether knowingly or unknowingly, such acts are illegal and could be presented for action by law enforcement.

The FBI for example takes into account cyber activity tracked to specific persons through intelligence. Introduction: Internet privacy has become a very important issue over the past few years.

a) Background – the rapid spread of Internet use due to lower broadband connections had led to problems regarding the issue of privacy and security in the Web space (Hora, 20).

Incidents of identity thefts are on the rise, despite the development in Internet security Style and modus of Internet hackers had also evolved markedly (Poulsen, 2012:5).

Accessing information from firm’s data as well adds up to intrusion. Especially in an arena like internet where a person would assume it is alright to perform activities without anyone knowing, it does become a sensitive matter.

Another sensitive matter is that a person in most cases is not even aware of the fact that she/he is being watched.

Workplace or home network access is limited to the people subscribed to them and those allowed by such groups. The hundredth window: Protecting your privacy and security in the age of the Internet. All the data uploaded online, all transactions performed, every activity an individual does online is monitored.

This allocation process by network firms allows for security by creating circles of privacy. This monitoring and keeping records of everyone’s behaviour does violate an individual’s right to privacy.

The Minnesota district court judge Natalie Hudson threw out the case as silly, for no harm was done to Olson by the posting of the pictures.

At the other end, last year, fraudsters emptied the bank account of a close friend of mine because one of the firms with which he had to share his personal information online to obtain services had passed it to the fraudsters. The Number 17 June Role of the in Internet Privacy Protection While the number of internet users is rapidly growing, a number of concerns related to the use of the World Wide Web has multiplied recently.


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