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The information model of the molding process duration reflects the parameters of the process and the service features of the injection mold....amounts of each species in the sample are dependent on processing history.While an increase in thermal and electrical conductivity can be readily achieved by addition of CNT to a polymer base, the subsequent effect on mechanical properties must be investigated.

In general, the injection molded samples show low crystallinity at the surface, with a gradual ...

Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) offer exceptional thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.

The design of experiment shall implement Taguchi Method L 9 3 4 Orthogonal Array.

Signal to Noise Ratio shall be calculated to define the best combination of parameter settings for each formulation.

The most influential factor, that affecting warpage is holding pressure with 33.68% of the contribution.

In the other hand, injection holding with 44.25% of contribution, need to be closely monitored if the manufacturer needs to control shrinkage.

The appropriate parameters were adjusted to reduce the warpage defect on the tensile test specimen of...

more The optimization of processing parameters on warpage of polypropylene (PP) in the application of injection moulding machine was studied.

To measure the warpage of the dumbbell, digital height gauge was used to measure the flatness of the part surface.

According the analysis of variance (ANOVA), the most significant factor that effect the warpage was holding pressure by 57.82%, followed with back pressure by 25.75%, clamping pressure by 16.27% and injection pressure by 0.16%.


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