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It should state the financial requirements of the venture; what is required from the investors; how they are to be repaid; what compensation they will receive and when and from where.Other areas within the document will include the experience of the management team and a detailed analysis of the film industry in general and the sales market the film is made for in particular.Make an effort to customize your plan to suit your film and your vision but ensure all the necessary material/information is still included Again we see generic statements about marketing and distribution but it is not specific to what you want to do and how you plan to achieve it.

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It is a well-known fact that getting the money and paying it back is the most difficult aspect of independent filmmaking – actually shooting and making the film is the easiest part! ...maybe, but no matter what, your business plan must look and feel professional.

Well presented, bound, well written with quality graphs/diagrams, quality paper and printing. To many plans come from generic templates and they all begin to look the same but with different titles.

In the film industry, you'll need a solid business plan for the projects you take on.

A business plan is a document which clearly identifies your understanding of where your project fits into the film industry and the market it is targeted to.

This, thereby, provides a quarter by quarter financial picture for the investor for at least three years or even five years. Though in today’s world of transferable tax credits and rebates the cash flow statements might become more complex, they should still show a profit.

However, these statements are always based on revenue projections (hopefully provided by a professional sales agent) on a film yet to be produced, so in the real world most independent films do not live up to the expectations of the projections made in the plans.This strategy may be using a sales agent or going the film festival circuit or try to do VOD direct etc.Provide detail specific to what you want to achieve.It can be used with a joint venture agreement to raise money from another entity also acting as an active investor/joint venture partner.In limited circumstances, it may also be used as a means of identifying possible founding shareholders for the initial incorporation, a strategy discussed elsewhere in the book Another important use of the business plan is helpful in establishing a preexisting relationship with prospective investors for a subsequent securities offering.Technically speaking, the business plan is not a financing vehicle or entity but can be used in conjunction with several other investor-financing techniques to raise money for independent feature film projects.For example, a business plan can be used with an investor-financing agreement to raise money from one or two active investors.This document is very important to independent investors and must be professional, well presented and clear.I have prepared many film business plans - some large documents, some abbreviated documents.(2) No formal rules--There are no formal rules promulgated by any governmental authority regulating the contents of a business plan; thus, producers have considerable freedom in drafting such a document.There still may be some liability, however, for inaccurate or misleading statements.


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