Impact Of Ww2 On Canada Essay

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The principle role of women at that time was as wives and mothers.However, because the men were not at home at the wartime, women had to be the "head of the family".

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Natural resources In addition to manufacturing, Canada also saw a huge increase in the demand and production of its natural resources.

During the war, the mining sector provided the Allies with 40 percent of the aluminum (crucial in airplane production), 75 percent of the nickel, 75 percent of the asbestos, 20 percent of the zinc, 15 percent of the lead and 12 percent of the copper.

Although Canada was not attacked, the war had an enormous impact on Canada.

Because the men were sent out of the country to fight the war, the condition of women who were left alone at home, were noticeable. Watching Bye Bye Blues made it clear to me that the World War II changed the lives and the social status of Women had to face many hardships in Canada during the war.

The war brought an end to the limited opportunities of the 1930s and set the course for post-war prosperity.

Unemployment disappeared (the unemployment rate in Canada fell from 11.4 percent in 1939 to 1.4 percent in 1944), wages increased, and many families had two or more members employed during the war, greatly increasing the family income.Among the Allies, Canada possessed the only source of uranium, the key component in the production of atomic bombs.In all, Canada produced .8 billion from its natural resources during the war.Four Tribal class destroyers (almost 120 m long), heavily armed and capable of a speed of 36 knots, were built in Halifax but were not completed until after the war.Still, the ability to produce Tribal class destroyers shows just how far the Canadian shipbuilding industry had come since 1939.The war also allowed a great many women to enter the workforce in jobs previously unattainable, at a wage nearly equivalent to those of male workers (something not often seen before).Overall, Canadian industry produced more than .5 billion (equivalent to approximately 0 billion today) worth of material during the war.Canada’s economy underwent dramatic changes during the Second World War, as Britain looked overseas for new sources of food, lumber, minerals, and other resources.While the 1930s were dominated by the Great Depression, the outbreak of war spurred the greatest growth the country has ever known.This plant built and delivered 450 Lancaster bombers, the largest and most complex design constructed in Canada during the war.Shipbuilding Canada’s shipbuilding industry produced 410 merchant vessels and 206 corvettes (the navy’s main anti-submarine and convoy escort ship), along with frigates, minesweepers, landing craft, patrol boats, and motor patrol boats.


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