Imdb Law And Order Criminal Intent Anti-Thesis

The net effect being to transfer the “Yes we do False Flags” to being “Yes we do that other thing”. It is mathematically and chemically impossible that we are the only life in the universe (heck, in the galaxy) and some of that life MUST evolve intelligence. Some of them will be dumber than us and still pre-contact.Some will be a Billion years older than us, and likely see us as we see fire ants: Organized, brutish, a threat, and pretty dumb. Some, almost certainly, will have visited our planet at some point in time. Heck, we might even the the equivalent of someone’s Ph. thesis (“let’s introduce limited intelligence into the primitives apes on this planet and watch how it evolves”…) There simply is no way to know given our present state of understanding.

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I watched it without additional payment on Netflix.

The IMDB site has a tie-in with Amazon where they link to a pay-per-view at $3.99 but when you get to the link it actually wants $4.99 to watch. Better to buy a month of Netflix and use the left over 30.375 days at $4 more to watch all sorts of other stuff… My oppinion: It is a fascinating show for 2 major reasons.

Folks are interviewed (with appropriate job titles shown so they ought to know) who state things like the CIA having carefully placed agents in all the major media outlets and hubs to shape the narrative and suppress stories they don’t like. Explains some of the Fake News angle (and labels it as Fake News).

Covers the fact that Presidents (POTUS) have asked for information and been denied, as have folks who are in nominal control in Congress and Agency heads.

From JFK and Marlyn Monroe to Tesla to Zero Point Energy then on to the Military Industrial Complex and CIA control of the media. It makes it very had to decide just where they have gone off the rails, how much is firmly tongue planted in cheek, and what might actually be true. Yet I’ve been faced with a literally Crazy Person seeing things that were not there and they too did an “incredibly good job”.

Complete with sweating and emotional angst that was quite real.

Quotes from famous folks stating that ET is real, and the history of their character assassination after that are easily validated or repudiated, so unlikely to be bogus.

Some statements I remember from when they were made, 1/2 Century ago or even more recent, so attempts to erase that history would be very difficult. Ronald Reagan saying an ET Threat would unite the world.

1) It is very well done, presenting all sorts of very believable quotes (often with video) from folks in positions of authority who ought to know, that confirm the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent visitation of earth and “UFOs”.

They have example documents from various government agencies and video interviews with folks who ought to know. 2) It weaves a picture of conspiracy and intrigue that ranges over just about every possible angle.


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