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Given that the United States once boasted of its ability to feed the planet, the indifference to the growth of hunger at home is a national scandal.But in the America of 2010, the news about hunger was relegated to small items on the inside pages of newspapers (A21 in the ), and failed to make a splash on the evening news broadcasts, more concerned with the engagement of Britain’s Prince William.The number of Americans receiving food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) rose to 42.4 million.

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In other words, just as many people were hungry in 2009 as in 2008, as though that represented “progress” rather than making permanent a level of social misery not seen in America for 40 years.

Concannon said the report was a hopeful one, since the number of hungry people did not increase even though the number of unemployed Americans rose sharply from 9 million in 2008 to 14 million in 2009.

Despite the complacency voiced by the Obama administration official, there is ample reason to believe that the present nutrition programs, already inadequate to meet the social need, will be further slashed by Congress.

The Child Nutrition Act must be reauthorized this year, and the Senate version of the bill cuts more than $2 billion from food stamps in order to pay for the increasing cost of school lunches—essentially robbing children at home in order to feed them in school.

In 2012, 49 million people did not have enough food in their homes; 15.9 million of them were children (“Hunger”). Mississippi 20.9% Arkansas 19.7% Texas 18.4% Alabama 17.9% North Carolina 17.0% Georgia 16.9% Missouri 16.7% Nevada 16.6% Ohio 16.1% California 15.6% (“Hunger”) Americans have all the power to end hunger in America.

Hunger is not just in the third world countries, it is also here in America and people need to realize this. There are so many things that people and the government can do to help. The food crisis will not be on the agenda in these discussions.The only hunger being discussed is the truly insatiable craving of the rich for even more wealth.Some 15 percent of US households, 17.4 million families or about 50 million people, were too poor to buy adequate food last year, according to a new report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).More than a third of these households, with as many as one million children, were missing meals on a regular basis, the study found.Highlighting the significant inequalities in food resource availability across US households, the USDA report noted that the typical food-secure household spent a whopping 33 percent more on food than the typical food-insecure household of the same size and household composition.In keeping with the Obama administration’s policy of minimizing the depth of the social crisis, the USDA official who released the report, Under Secretary Kevin Concannon, said the latest hunger survey showed a “stabilization” of the problem compared to the year before.The US ruling elite and both its political parties, the Democrats as well as the Republicans, are indifferent to the growth of hunger and deprivation.Those most intoxicated by “free market” ideology likely regard such social evils as a positive good, since hungry workers are more willing to take any job available, no matter what the wages and conditions. The American ruling class is creating the conditions for an explosion from below that all its servants in the political establishment, the trade unions and the media will be unable to prevent.All told, one quarter of US households have at least one person receiving food stamps or other food aid.However, 43 percent of food-insecure households were not participating in any of these three programs.


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