How To Write A Self Assessment Essay

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The following four questions should help you get started, but feel free to add comments not covered by these questions.

Just as students need to learn how to conduct peer reviews effectively, they need practice and training in carrying out self-evaluations if the process is to be worthwhile.

In order to write evaluations that follow this criteria, it is crucial to follow CJE guidelines.

In other words, they are criteria, judgement and evidence.

Your instructor, on the other hand, often can evaluate only the final product.

A good self-evaluation is neither a defense nor an apology.

This is the last section of your work when you may make an impression on your audience.

You will sure want to leave your reader with a strong recommendation.

When I am writing an essay, I am talking to the reader; I want to reach the reader.

I used to ask myself, why would I have to use what someone else is saying to show that my point is right? This was my attitude about writing ever since I have begun writing essays.


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