How To Write A Business Plan Executive Summary

While this may be an effective techniques for including the components of the business plan, it misses a fundamental purpose of the executive summary – creating a voice for the business.The business plan has to capture the essence of the business and project the same level of exuberance, confidence, and ambition as the entrepreneur.Typically, you’ll want to include the executive summary at the beginning of your business document.

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Below is a overview of what you should include and aim to achieve within your business plan.

The executive summary should tell all of the main points of the business plan in a concise format.

The main theme of executive summary is to summarize main points of the document for the reader.

Include the main points of the business plan in a voice consistent with that of the language in the body of the plan.

You will likely modify the executive summary slightly depending on its intended purpose.

Opinions vary as to the appropriate length of the executive summary.An effective executive summary maintains the same voice as the body of the business plan.For example, if you use an exuberant and excited tone in describing your product, your executive summary should mirror this voice.An executive summary is an important part of business plan.It summarizes the key points and gives an overview of the whole business idea.The reason is more a matter of time and attention to detail.A venture capitalist will want to a see a summary that concisely explains the concept – similar to the elevator pitch (business pitch).This section causes you to think about the business holistically.You are tasked with summarizing everything you do or plan to do into a few concise paragraphs that will appeal to intended recipient.A bank lender, on the other hand, will review the plan more thoroughly as part of the business loan application.A well crafted and thorough business plan can lay out a more complete understanding upfront that maximizes comprehension of the body of the business plan.


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