How To Solve Variation Problems

How To Solve Variation Problems-28
When we say " is simply the product of the known values for the two variables.Let’s consider the following example: A particular hotel has a custodial staff of 12 employees, and they can typically clean all of the hotel rooms in 6 hours.If two things are directly proportional, you can bet that you'll need to use the formula for direct variation to solve!

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This means the more people painting the house, the less total time it will take to paint.

If four members of the custodial staff are not at work today, how long will it take the remaining custodians to clean all of the hotel rooms?

In this example, the total time taken to complete the job is inversely proportional to the number of workers.

Two ratios are said to be equal if, when written in fractional form, the fractions are equivalent fractions.

You can compare and solve ratios using cross multiplications.


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