How To Solve Proportion Word Problems

How To Solve Proportion Word Problems-59
Jack picked 12 apples 15 pears and Jill picked 16 apples and some pears.The ratio of apples to pears picked by Jack and Jill were the same. Solution Jack 12 15 1 15/12 Jill 16 16 x 15/12 = 20 Remark.

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It is absurd that they are being taught in high school.

It is doubly absurd that they appear in a "regular" HS Geometry class, where they are diversionary. "When a biology teacher had to teach [a chemistry class] at Howard High School, how to change centimeters to meters, he just told them to move the decimal two places -- rather than illustrating the concept. 'Forty-five minutes later, only three of them got it.' ".

Each test is 2 pages andhis teacher needs 80 tests printed.

An important part of math instruction is to demystify mathematics; thereby making it accessible to more students.

This will include several problems, which are normally solved using Algebra; including five of the more difficult problems on the Maryland High School Assessment on Functions, Algebra, Data Analysis and Probability (MD Algebra) sample test, an about-to-be-implemented high school graduation requirement in MD.

The arithmetic solutions presented herein, provide more conceptual-understanding of the problems than the expected Algebraic solutions.

This report will present simple, conceptual-understanding based arithmetic methods that will allow students to solve a wide variety of problems.

These better methods of instruction are in the spirit of my version of KISS , that is "Keep It Simple for Students", while emphasizing conceptual-understanding.

Dickler, was principal.) In fact, such problems can and should serve as background for formal proportional thinking. Of course, this problem should be presented only after the students are fluent with the parts, namely, * If one T-shirt cost 5 dollars, how much do 5 T- shirts cost? Multiplying 2 x 16 = 32 whether directly or by setting up a table as in Problems 1,2 and 3, will produce a wrong answer.

And * If three T-shirts cost 15 dollars, how much does one T- shirts cost? While the falling distance is a function of time, it is not a linear function; it is not proportional to time.


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