How To Solve Multiplication Word Problems

We also know that he drives at this speed for 2 hours.Therefore, in order to know the number of miles he covers in total, we will have to multiply 80 x 2: Today we went to eat at an Italian restaurant which specializes in pasta.It was difficult for me to decide which dish to order since there were 9 types of pasta and 11 types of sauce on the menu and you could combine any pasta with any sauce.

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24 × 12 = 288 Therefore, annual income = $ 31,5004.

The witch Malitch made 10 bottles of potion to take to the annual Witches of the World convention.

The student should read the word problem and derive a multiplication equation from it.

He or she can then solve the problem by mental multiplication and express the answer in the appropriate units.

This is an example of a multiplication word problem.

There are a few words that you can look for in a word problem that will help you determine if multiplication is needed: Sadie will spend .50 on 5 Frisbees. Do you see a clue in the problem that indicates multiplication? We can use the distributive property to solve this problem. Maddie will earn .50 after working a 6-hour shift. This problem involves multiplication of a 4-digit number by a 3-digit number. The farm produces 133,920 gallons of milk in 108 months.In order to solve the word problem, we ought to think: we could combine each type of pasta with 11 available types of sauce.Therefore, with just the first type of pasta, we can get 11 different dishes.The clue word is 'each.' We need to multiply 62 by 8 to find the answer. If she earns .25 per hour, how much money will she make after a 6-hour shift? The distributive property allows us to break apart a more difficult problem into smaller problems that are more easily solved mentally. You can identify multiplication word problems by knowing which words to look for.But before we do that, let's try estimating our product first. Some of the most common ones found in word problems requiring the use of multiplication include the following: Did you know…At this convention, all of the witches present new magic potions and the best one wins the Flying Broom Prize.To make each potion, she used 3 boxes of magic herbs that were 5 pounds each.Estimating allows us to get an approximate answer before actually solving. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.This lets us know if our actual answer makes sense. We can round 62 to 60, making it much easier for us to get an estimate in our heads. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Word problems often trip up even the best math students.Many get stumped trying to figure out what they are looking to solve.


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