How To Solve A Maths Problem

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What if your child could be taught place value with the help of diagrams?Adopt the easiest way to introduce kindergarten kids to place value ...

See more Teach first graders to solve double-digit addition problems with ‘Frankie Goes Shopping’, a fun math activity for kids!See more Give second graders some math practice and help them solve addition and subtraction problems with our fun math activity ‘King and Queen Drop the Beans’!See more Number Patterns is an activity that teachers can use to help their students understand multiplication better.The activity is about products and how they are related to each other.See more Silly rhymes, funny drawings and lots of laughter – who would think this was a math activity?See more ‘A Number of Fruits’ is a fun way to explain to kids that 2 more than are equal to the result of 40 and 2! See more ‘Add Up Places’ is a disguised place value worksheet!After practicing plenty of simple, introductory place value worksheets ...See more Drawing angles is easy-peasy when you have a protractor, but it is also possible to draw angles without one.Challenge yourself to try and construct the angles in this worksheet without a protractor.See more “Bag of Beans” is a fun math worksheet that will have your students competing to complete subtraction problems.See more Bug Capture is an addition game based on luck.


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