How To Make A Business Plan For Investors

Feinstein advises against big ad campaigns, billboards and radio ads unless you have the money.

“Think smart: leaflets, SMS marketing, direct selling.

A word of caution from Diederichs: “Mentors are great, but too many people use them as a crutch.

No-one is going to make it all come together except you.

“Because media advertising can be very expensive, entrepreneurs should plan carefully,” says Diederichs.

“It will affect their business budget, or may prove to be a costly exercise if the wrong media is used.It’s all about getting the message to your prospects, not the entire population of the country.” On asking for constructive criticism and making necessary adjustments, Feinstein is unequivocal: “Yes, yes, yes.A real entrepreneur will always be receptive to a better way of doing things.In fact, most of your time and effort should be spent on the financial model for the business.Entrepreneurs should understand their finances inside out – those who do may well hold the key to success and prosperity.One way of ensuring this is to have a briefing session in the mornings and a debriefing session after the close of day.[box style=”grey map rounded shadow”] Everything you need to know about an operational plan.Marketing represents a client or customer’s holistic view of your business.It is therefore of paramount importance not to ignore your marketing processes.Don’t be afraid to copy (legally), there’s nothing really new under the sun.” Discuss your business plans with your family and friends and listen to their advice.You don’t need to take it, but it’s always good to have a sounding board and a different perspective.


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