How To Choose A Dissertation Topic

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Or maybe you could develop a unique idea from a smaller topic that hasn’t already been saturated with research?A dissertation or research project must be a tightly-written, academic piece of work.

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The bad news is that all this can make choosing a dissertation topic pretty overwhelming.

The good news is that I try to make the process somewhat easier by explaining to you how you might get started and avoid certain pitfalls.

Surely, you would contribute something to the dataset that would ostensibly fit under a subject heading, and possibly a set of existing keywords, but to push the envelope your topic should meet meet three criteria.

Honestly, you need only come up with a question that, when answered, would shed new light on what others have done before – but the idea is for that new light to truly have us look at things in a whole new way.

Well, I’m going to explain it, right here, right now. An envelope is a term for the curve that encloses all other curves in a family of curves.

When the term was used in aeronautics, it referred to the outer curve describing the limit of an aircraft’s performance.Or are you just planning ahead for a future course?Wherever you are in your education journey, discover our top tips for selecting the perfect topic for you…It’s important to choose a unique topic for your project or dissertation to ensure that you have the opportunity to carry out your own research and come to your own conclusions.Finding a completely unique area of research is seldom possible, but perhaps you could consider approaching an already-researched area from a different angle?While your tutor will encourage you to be succinct, your dissertation still needs to meet the required word count.Focusing on a topic or question that is too small or narrow means that you will struggle to expand on your arguments and draw well-rounded conclusions.Within the context of Ph D programs, there are a number of different approaches when selecting your dissertation topic. Getsch, Walden University Alumna Writing a dissertation is a rewarding experience.To offer you some direct insight, we asked four alumni of Walden’s online graduate degree programs to share their experiences and provide recommendations on the subject. The research you conduct and present will not only greatly expand your specialized knowledge, but it could help others in your discipline and the greater community for years to come.Factor in time well before you need to submit your proposal to research the various topics you’re interested in, and you’ll probably quickly find out whether there are enough resources out there to allow you to expand on your ideas and to support (or contrast with) your position.It’s easy to ‘fall in love’ with a topic or subject early on in your research, making you blind to all its weaknesses.


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