How Can Homework Help Students

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According to Harris Cooper 2006-meta analysis, homework improves study habits, attitude towards school and self-discipline.But a student should not be burdened rather he should be given some homework help if needed.

According to Harris Cooper 2006-meta analysis, homework improves study habits, attitude towards school and self-discipline.But a student should not be burdened rather he should be given some homework help if needed.

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Homework lets the student learn how to set his priorities according to the importance of work. When a student is assigned some homework, he or she is expected to do the work on his own which creates a responsibility for the student to complete it without much external help.

For example: cleaning up their rooms, spending time with family, etc. Such responsibility will let the student not only help tackle academic issues in future but also other external issues arising later.

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Homework can be a great way to enhance learning and play an important role in achieving better academic results.

Homework usually falls into one of the 3 categories: preparation, practice and extension. A student should be given homework according to the requirement of the next class or lesson.

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