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Everyone has heard horror stories about poor quality in China, but on the other end of the spectrum, the i Phone, arguably the world’s more sophisticated consumer product, is manufactured in China.The challenge is finding the right manufacturer for your needs.

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Manufacturing hierarchy in China: Sourcing a product off of Alibaba is very difficult and risky for a few reasons.

A lot of times, the person who owns the Alibaba listing does not work at the factory they are sourcing products from.

Sriracha2Go has been up and running for seven months and we’ve already worked with three different factories.

We have now found a factory that we are extremely happy with and that meets all of our expectations across the board. We selected this particular factory after evaluating it against 4 others by ordering multiple rounds of samples delivered with our desired colors and artwork, evaluating the factories’ certifications, and more.

Once we received our first order of 10,000 units, we realized that the factory’s quality control was .

Quality has been our number one priority throughout this process, so we didn't really have a choice.

If you have your product sourced in China, do everything you can to get to China to visit a factory.

This sounded crazy to us when we first started out, but we cannot explain how valuable our trip to China was this past March.

We needed to find a manufacturer who could deliver a less than 1% defect rate at scale.

At this point we were fully behind the idea of Sriracha2Go, and were willing to invest further, so we decided to search for another manufacturer who could provide us with high quality product more consistently.


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