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In this examination unit, students learn about the nutritional content of foods and how the specific nutritional and dietary needs of different people can be met by modifying recipes, and planning, preparing and cooking meals and dishes that reflect current nutritional guidelines.They also study how to be an effective consumer in relation to food choice, food safety and managing resources.

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If the shop were to be affected in the future, I would recommend achieving economies of scale, as this will allow them to compete with their competition on a more even level.

Since it is not easy to achieve economies of scale, as it takes time, I would recommend diversifying, as it will allow the Shop access to new markets, and therefore profits, as well as advertising, even if it is on a small scale, i.e., local newspaper or shop window advertisements, to raise awareness of the shop to potential customers.

Year 11 pupils also have the opportunity to visit Loughry College to gain an informative look at the use of Science and Technology in the Food Industry. AS units make up 40% of the full A level qualification and the A2 units 60%.

AS consists of 2 units; Principles of Nutrition – in this unit, students study the macro and micro nutrients, water and other fluids, nutrition through life and nutrient requirements.

Conclusion The Newsagents is affected by many different influences, some in positive ways such as the fact that sales of certain products (alcohol, cigarettes, lottery) increase during times of increased inflation, interest rates and taxes, and some in negative ways, such as larger competition and social factors.

But the newsagents has survived changes in the past, and there is no sign that this is going to change, mainly because of the convenience factor that it offers nearby customers, and that fact that almost all the goods sold are price & income inelastic, due to the fact they make up small portions of peoples income. The newsagents are at a disadvantage to the supermarkets because they do not get as large economies of scale so the supermarkets can charge lower prices, undercutting the newsagents market, but the larger firms suffer from Diseconomies of scale, where the business is so large it starts to become a disadvantage. The diseconomies of scale are- o Losing touch with the customers, the smaller newsagents is a more friendly and helpful shop to visit than the supermarkets.o The managers lose touch with the workers causing demoralisation, whereas there is only one worker in the newsagents, apart from the owner, and he is a friend of the owner. Conclusion Since the fertility and birth rates have increased, in 5-10years, when these babies grow up, they will form part of the newsagent's customer market for confectionary.o Diversifying, the larger firms can afford to sell different kinds of products, protecting the business if one product fails o Financial, the larger firms are able to get larger loans more easily from the bank, at lower interest rates, because they have more capital, and are more likely to pay it back.o Advertising, the larger firms can afford to advertise their business, attracting more customers.They then choose and justify a related practical activity, complete the practical activity in a single 3 hour session and evaluate all parts of the task.Each year, GCSE pupils receive a cookery demonstration from the Livestock and Meat Commission to aid the development of their practical skills.Research project – the second unit involves students completing a 4,000 word coursework project on a topic of their choice from the specification.In 2016, 3 students achieved full marks in their AS Unit 1 examination and one student was awarded the British Nutrition Foundation’s Drummond Education Award for achieving the highest marks in her AS level in Northern Ireland.It involves investigating factors that influence consumer choices and decisions, such as advertising and peer pressure.Pupils also investigate consumer rights, responsibilities and sources of support.


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