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As the rubric that I posted for the assignment indicates, by far the most important part of their task was the first one: writing the “script.” In late October, my Teaching Assistants and I poured over the forty, ten-page- long scripts.

(Each TA looked at ten scripts and I looked at all of them.) Our aim was to offer historical critiques and suggestions, and to make sure the students were on the right track as regards sources, bibliography, and so on.

Once you’ve bought such an essay, you can study its structure, learn the right ways to use this or that citation format, how to arrange bibliography, where to look for information sources and so on.

In short, you receive an individual teaching aid that you can use in any way that will be most beneficial for your studies: to draw inspiration from it, to learn more about the topic or just model your writing after it.

In their peer evaluations most students agreed; some wrote that it was the most interesting thing they had ever done in a history class.

The standard of the finished videos was quite high (the average grade was a B ). Some of the groups did not work well together and some students did not pull their weight.

Every history student sooner or later encounters a situation in which he starts seriously considering whether it would be a good idea to buy an essay online.

The reasons may be different: too great a workload, too many assignments in too many different disciplines, not enough time for research, insufficient instructions from professors and so on.

Second, I gave the groups no choice as to their topic.

I created a list of forty topics that I deemed suitable (i.e., could easily be presented in a four-five minute video) and assigned one topic to each group.


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