Heroes Qualities Essay

This is certainly the case in The trilogy has many characters and a narrative that splits to follow the separate parts of a single journey, making the identity of the main protagonist or focal character a bit ambiguous at times.Tolkien offers a fellowship of nine members with varying characteristics and qualities, even of different races, on the mission to destroy the ring.

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The epic hero qualities are highly evident in the book versions of the human characters of Aragorn and Boromir, but the film adaptations of the series presents an Aragorn with more doubt and self-angst that categorizes him as a Romantic hero while Boromir’s greed for the power of the ring makes him a tragic hero, which results in his downfall.

, manages to redeem his race from this and becomes somewhat of a sidekick hero who provides assistance and accepts being more of a follower (“Types of Heroes”). He mostly serves as the elf representative amongst the members of the fellowship and to bridge the animosity that exists between dwarves and elves.

In essence, Tolkien was trying “to bring the heroic world close to the modern reader through the eyes of the hobbits” (Yates).olkien chooses hobbits as the focal point of his series for a reason.

They are considered equivalent to Victorian-era English people, so Tolkien’s audience can relate to the events of Middle-Earth.

The Shire exists in a small corner of the Tolkien universe and is rarely, if ever, disturbed by the rest of Middle-Earth.

Heroes Qualities Essay

Therefore, hobbits do not know much about the rest of Middle-Earth.

It will also be determined that Sam is not only the finest hobbit in eroes are typically thought of as larger-than-life figures in some grand poetic epic.

However, the idea and function of the hero has evolved over time and can be found in characters of much simpler means.

The main type of hero in Tolkien’s trilogy, however, seems to be the quest hero, originating in the quest story which, according to poet and critic W. Auden, “is one of the oldest, hardiest, and most popular of all literary genres” (91).

Characteristics of a quest story include the existence of some desired article, a journey, a hero character, “a test or series of tests,” guardians of the article, and helpers to aid the hero in his quest (Auden 92).


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