Help With Speech Impediment

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In most public school districts, the classroom teacher develops specific interventions in the RTI (response to intervention) process.

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They might be fine with consonant blends (words like free or cream) but struggle with vocalic /r/ sounds (words like are or air).

Before you start teaching them speech therapy exercises that will help them with their pronunciation, it’s important to do some screening to figure out which variations are difficult for them.

Have them listen back to their pronunciations, too.

That way, they can learn to distinguish between correct and incorrect /r/ sounds.

This particular speech impediment is known as rhotacism.

If your child has been having a hard time pronouncing the /r/ sound, these speech therapy exercises can help. This has to do, in part, with the fact that there are so many different ways in which it can be pronounced.

Of course, getting kids to practice is easier said than done.

This is especially true when you’re practicing something difficult like changing the way you speak.

But, in order to see improvement, it’s important to encourage your child to practice regularly.

They won’t see much progress if they only work on these exercises during their speech therapy sessions.


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