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The strategies that lead to long-term success can be outlined in your company’s business expansion plan.Listed below are examples of the key components you need to include in your growth plan template.

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The result will be a growing and continuously improving business.

As a business coach I enjoy helping my clients create annual growth plans.

The 3 parts of a good annual business plan are: Let’s take a look at each of these 3 parts. Most of these do not change too much from year to year. Based on your marketing activity and your sense of the economy, what do you project to bring in next year? Based on your marketing plan and your history, create a budget by month for the coming year.

Identify your primary or core product or service and then write your plan around these 7 components: Start by looking over the past year and analyzing your income. Making income projections is simply making your best guess, using the best information you have at hand. If you will do this by month with your income and expenses, you will get a good picture of your cash flow throughout the year.

They typically give me some good ideas that I would not have thought of on my own.

The 7 areas you want to brainstorm and evaluate are: Once you have brainstormed each of these areas, set yourself some goals.Before you jump in you need to do some preparation.To summarize what I’ve already written about in the past, review your financials, analyze your strengths & weaknesses, and then brainstorm on what you might want to accomplish in the coming year.Making sure everyone is on the same page is the best way to survive growing pains.So your business has been successful and is looking to move forward and grow in the marketplace. Outlining a business expansion plan with this free business plan template helps you clearly define your goals, organize teams and leadership, and develops a strategy for company efficiency and motivation moving forward.There are 7 operational areas to evaluate and brainstorm.I find it helpful to include my team members in this part of the planning.If possible, let your team help set these goals and then (if possible) assign a champion to each goal.Review these monthly as a team and track your progress! After you do this the first time you will discover that it is an easy and effective process to repeat year after year.It is critical for every business owner to plan annually for consistent, healthy growth!There are several reasons why owners do not plan but the fact remains you must do it to grow your business! ”In this post I want to give you a simple outline to follow as you create your business plan for the coming year.


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