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The Government states it will encourage notification of investments and other events that may raise national security concerns and it will publish a detailed statement of policy intent to set out more fully where and how it considers transactions will be covered by so called “trigger events”.This will assist parties to determine whether to discuss the transaction informally with government officials and/or whether to submit a formal notification to the Government.The PMA’s Lab-to-Market CAP Goal is co-led by the U. Department of Commerce (DOC) via the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

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The new regime is only related to national security which will be assessed by the Government.

The proposals also involve removing the existing national security considerations from the Enterprise Act 2002 .

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It estimates that it is likely to receive about 200 notifications each year of which 100 will raise national security concerns and of which 50 will be subject to some kind of intervention. To put this into context, this is likely to be at least three times the number of UK merger notifications currently made to the CMA.

There will also be powers to request information in relation to specific trigger events that the Government is aware of in order to inform its decision as to whether to call in a trigger event for screening.However, despite invoking the new rules to vet this transaction, it was subsequently cleared unconditionally on 19 July 2018 on the basis that there were no national security grounds for referring the merger for a more detailed Phase 2 investigation.As the Government had intimated in its Green Paper, it wanted to establish a specific regime similar to other countries’ regimes entirely separate from the competition based merger control regime.It wants to introduce a standalone FDI system which protects national security from hostile actors using ownership of, or influence over, businesses and assets to harm the country.These reforms will bring the UK closer in line with other countries’ regimes, and are taking place as many other governments are also updating their powers in light of the same technological, economic and national security-related changes.In this article we review the Government’s proposals and ask what it means for foreign investment in the UK.Following the Chinese investment in the Hinckley Nuclear power station project, the Government voiced concern that it did not have enough powers to scrutinize properly investments by foreign investors on national security grounds.National security is distinct from public interest issues.Public interest issues (namely plurality of the media and ensuring financial stability) will remain within the Enterprise Act 2002 merger control regime.As part of the ROI Initiative, NIST implemented an open, inclusive, and collaborative process to identify and assess options for supporting the ROI Initiative’s overall goal and objectives. It provides an initial summary of key stakeholder inputs and identifies short-term and long-term actions to modernize the U. system of technology transfer and innovation for the 21st century.This Green Paper is a discussion document based on an assessment of the feedback from the U. Implementation of any of the intended actions that require specific policy, legislative, and/or regulatory actions will be advanced via formal proposals subject to appropriate interagency review, and public comment.


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