Greed Essay

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This can be seen when Lady Macbeth receives a letter from Macbeth saying that he has been fated to become king by the three witches, Lady Macbeth immediately intends on killing the current king, Duncan as she expresses, “that my keen knife see not the wound it makes” (1. The power Lady Macbeth holds in her relationship also corrupted Lady Macbeth’s actions as she was able to better conceive her thoughts and actions to appear but a mere innocent lady. 86-87 ) Lady Macbeth then faints and is carried away.

This is seen numerous times but especially after the murder of Duncan has been announced. Not only does her line express the corruption that has come upon her but also how she was able to act very convincingly as she later fainted.

Further evidence can be shown that Lady Macbeth has switched roles as she is suddenly perceived as weak as she sleep talks and has many night horrors.

This loss in power ultimately leads to her suicide.

Therefore, after seeing Lady Macbeth’s actions between when she had control over Macbeth and when did not can lead viewers to believe that it was the culprit that corrupted her.

The witches’ possession of knowledge corrupted them as they were blind to the consequences that arose with their prophecies, they did not tell the prophecy in its entirety and their manipulation of Macbeth.To conclude, the corruption of power can be most seen in Macbeth as it changes his nature, his personality and his relationship with his family.Through the analyzation of Lady Macbeth, the three witches and Macbeth, it becomes apparent how power can corrupt one.This can often be seen in the history of civilization as countless leaders have neglected the good of their people to fuel their own selfish desires.Lord Acton once expressed, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.When the witches first tell Macbeth of his fate the first witch states, “All hail Macbeth! Had the witches told Macbeth his full prophecy, he would have realized the danger associated with him attaining the throne through ways of murder.However the witches, blind with their power, were too corrupted to realize that.Shakespeare was able to capsulate this within the story by showing the changes the characters go hrough as they gain or lose power.Much like individuals in our past, the characters misused power for their own personal desires whether it was for power, lavish lifestyle or just plain chaos.This is shown when Macbeth is faced with his decision to murder Duncan, “if the assassination could trammel up the consequence/ bloody instruction, which being thought, return to plague the inventor” (1. However in the second scene, after Macbeth has gained power, his orders for Banquo’s murder seemed to be emotionless with only one bottom line: kill Banquo and Fleance, do not connect it to Macbeth.Macbeth’s power also corrupts him as it brings out his desires for only himself and not his country. Therefore it can be seen that Macbeth has corrupted not only himself but the entire country as violence and death is common in Scotland to the point where no one questions it.


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