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For example, when I went to college, I knew how to do my laundry and other necessities to my life that my parents had taught me.Some kids in college are somewhat “lost”, because they were never taught how to do their laundry or be independent.

For example, when I went to college, I knew how to do my laundry and other necessities to my life that my parents had taught me.Some kids in college are somewhat “lost”, because they were never taught how to do their laundry or be independent.

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Did you grow up in poverty, causing you to feel insecure about money and possessions?

Were you a weird kid that other kids made fun of, making you shy?

Did your strong-willed father dominate your weak-willed mother, making you a male chauvinist pig?

Another way of how to express our feelings towards society is to actually just go out and experience what else is in our world.

We meet friends, teachers, and other people besides our family who were taught different things and they were raised differently.

This is what makes each individual unique from everyone else.As a child, we all went to grade school and high school.This is also a major place where people learn how to feel, think, and act towards society.Our parents went through the concepts of life, and they were exposed to society as a kid and an adult, which we learn as we get older as well.Our families, especially our parents, have a lot of wisdom about what goes on life, since they have already experienced many parts to it.As we grow, we learn many things from our family that are beneficial to our society.Almost everything that we learn as a child comes from parenthood and how we react with our parents.After our family has showed us and taught how we should act, we can go out in the world and experience them first-hand.One family cannot show all the aspects of how to behave, think, act, and feel towards society, we need to live it ourselves and know what else is going on in the world.In this case, you need a strong and helpful family that can help you get ready for the outside world.If you do not have a strong family background, I believe that the influence of family will not play a major role in your life.


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