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This techniques for evaluating a product is different. Normally an evaluation entails writing an account about the final product, in this case a product that includes a PIC micro-controller.

This techniques for evaluating a product is different. Normally an evaluation entails writing an account about the final product, in this case a product that includes a PIC micro-controller.

If your product is going to be made out of wood then mock it up in MDF.

As a general rule modelling goes Card/paper MDF (at A-level anyway - perhaps your school has access to materials other than that such as styrofoam.

Make sure you include pictures of you doing each stage to prove to the examiner that you actually did it -Evaluation, what went well, what didn't, what would you change about your product if you had the chance to make it again -Product/User testing, get someone from your target market to test out the product in it's intended use, make sure you take plenty of pictures and say which bits work well and what doesnt and what you would change -2D design CAD file drawings to create engineering drawings -How would you manufacture your product in industry?

What processes would you use that aren't available in schools e.g die casting, would this change the materials you used?

There is also a coursework folder breakdown of what you should consider on your coursework sheets.

View a PDF document of what coursework is required from you within your project.

———————————————————— Cycle 1 homework for year 11 Graphics Cycle 2 homework for year 11 Graphics Cycle 3 homework for year 11 Graphics Links: wrapper analysis ; examples of different wrappers GR 16 Template for Chocolate Packaging Project Photos for Section 1: Investigation Photos 2 Mr Parkinson Section 2 NEW Mr Collins Section 2 Photos Ms Inglis Photos Photos 3 Photos 4 ———————————————————— Cycle 1 homeworks for year 10 Graphics Cycle 2 Homework for year 10 Graphics Mr Parkinson’s Group Photos ———————————————————— Photos Fast Food Packaging Template Examples of completed slides: Logo drawings ______________________________________ Coursework Exemplars A* Grade example folder A Grade example folder B Grade example folder C Grade example folder ______________________________________ Learn Sketchup Learn Illustrator ______________________________________ 2013 Question Paper Mark Scheme 2012 Question Paper Mark Scheme 2011 Question Paper Mark Scheme 2010 Question Paper Mark Scheme ____________________________________________ Graphics Topics *New for 2017: POWERPOINT TEMPLATE COVERING WIDE RANGE OF TOPICS *New for 2017: Useful Revision Powerpoint on Graphics Materials Material choices and how they affect the environment CAD and Vinyl cutting Smart Materials Printing methods (digital printing, flexography, gravure, screen printing, lithography) Quality control in printing Die-Cutting ‘Over packaging’ Designers Introduction Branding, Wally Olins Harry Beck and Schematic Maps Cartonboard Fluted Board Spiral Wound Tubing Typography Exploded drawings Draw your design in 3D Scale of production What is batch production?

Designers evaluate their finished products or prototypes in order to test whether they work well and if the design can be corrected or improved.

Does anyone know of a decent layout of pages to include or any other info that might be helpful, would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Ok so i did AQA at A-Level but the general rule is: -Mind map of existing problems your chosen market based on the brief have -Analysis of existing products, flaws, materials, what could be improved etc -Initial design ideas -Development of selected ideas from initial ideas -Finalised design idea -Gantt chart of how long certain areas of the project should take -Product specification - what materials, price range, durability etc is it going to have?


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