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Tom's mother sits in the tent making stew, with the children of the camp gathering around.Tom tries to send them away, but she cannot refuse them food.

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The Wilson's truck dies along the way and they are all forced to stay in a small town along Route 66.

They hear many stories from other migratory workers about how they lost their land to the depression.

[tags: Grapes Wrath essays] - The Journey Theme of The Grapes of Wrath In the Classic novel The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck displays in his writing many different and interconnected themes.

The main idea of the novel can be interpreted many different ways through many of the different actions and characters throughout the novel.

Drought and depression has made it impossible for farmers to grow a substantial amount to live on.

As inflation rises and wages drop, a gigantic worker migration heads West in search of Jobs.

Whether it was increased rent by corrupt landowners or a typical drought, the result was always the same, families would have to move away in search of new jobs.

However, everyone was so caught up in the hopeful prosperity of new land that they were blinded by the reality.

The Joad family had to abandon their home and their livelihoods.

They had to uproot and set adrift because tractors were rapidly industrializing their farms.


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