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Wow, those numbers are pretty disappointing if they're accurate.

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I think that you have very good credentials and I would think that your experience would be very highly valued. I did, and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to hear back! Since CSU doesn't do interviews I no nothing about the program or the professors, etc other than what is on their website.

I have heard that CSU is mostly concerned with grades and scores, but I think that your work experiences could help put you over the edge. I'm put off by the "Human Disease/Conditions" test you have to pass once you are already that about? I am also pretty unsure of that multiple choice test, but I can't turn down the acceptance because of the amount of money I would lose going out of state. Wow, those numbers are pretty disappointing if they're accurate. I have since decided to stick with what I have since that amount of debt was completely unacceptable to me and my family.

You can still receive a Master's in OT but you have to complete prereq's to apply to a program. Seek academic advisement from an OT dept to get you started. Relocating is not an option due to family obligations. Seeing this comment has totally altered my opinion and now I am torn.

It's what I want to do, but is it worth the time and money?

I know what population I would like to serve and it seems like OT would be my best route to do so.

I guess it just ticks me off that people at my school are talking about getting stipends for a Ph D in psych upon getting their undergrad, or having the local hospital pay all of their tuition for getting a BSN.

However, I also think doing what you love is important.

If OT is something you love, and fulfills you then at the end of the day it should be worth it. It is worth it when at the end of the day as long as I can still meet my basic needs.

Here I am investing all my money into application fees to all of these schools to try and find one that will hurt my pocket in the smallest way possible..... Average student is able to work only 16 hours a week. Louis, MO--Hospitals ,000, Long-term care ,000, community setting ,000, school district ,000. Average monthly loan payment: 0 per month for 10 years, plus two years of tremendous stress.

I am willing to work and have done so all through school, but moving out of town and out of state will proove to be a bit more costly. This is prety much what I am making right now with no student loans. I was going for it simply for the diversity in employment opportunities and money as well. I'm applying to the MSOT program at Colorado State.


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