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This tool breaks down all of this data in the "summary sheet", which analyses various statistics, from Revenues and Revenue Growth Rate, to Cost of Capital, FCFF and Implied ROC.

Ultimately, this PDF offers a detailed analysis of the Spotify IPO and an in-depth, estimated Spotify valuation.

This is a great case study of the Spotify IPO, showing how it differs to the standard big business IPOs and how that works for Spotify.

Aswath Damodaran"Description This excel tool gives an incredibly detailed overview of Spotify's financial performance and its IPO.

This gives a comprehensive insight into Spotify's rapid growth, with vast amounts of figures and data used to calculate growth rates.

It also cited growing competition from Google and social networking upstarts such as Pinterest, noting that users could simply migrate to another site.

Risks aside, few would have expected that Facebook, with its seemingly endless growth and strong revenues, would have had such a rocky debut in the market.

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It has been a wild ride for Facebook during the past week — and it doesn’t seem to be over yet.

The social networking giant — initially valued at 4 billion — held its long-awaited IPO on May 18, only to see its stock barely rise above the opening price of .


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