Goods And Services Powerpoint For Second Grade

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As a large group, read aloud Discuss his spending decisions, learning about opportunity cost, goods and services, incentives, and savings as you go.

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In a small group practice counting money and discuss price.

Students independently complete “The price is Wrong” worksheet demonstrating an understanding for making choices and counting money.

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blouse, coat, hat, shoes, coat, dress, jacket, pants, trousers, jeans, T-shirt, shirt, shorts, skirt, sandals, sneakers, socks, scarf, sunglasses, sweater, umbrella, vest, watch, boots, raincoat, sweater.

chef, dentist, doctor, engineer, farmer, firefighter, florist, postal worker, judge, lawyer, mechanic, nurse, pilot, photograher, police officer, reporter, scientist, vet, truck driver, waiter, taxi driver, astronaut, zookeeper, captain.After reading and discussing the story, students will create a booklet in which they've illustrated Sara's short-term savings goal and their own short-term savings goal. In this movie, you’ll learn about goods, which are things that are made or grown, and services, which are work someone does for someone else.Complete Lesson Plan by Judith Viorst, toy catalogs, drawing paper, glue/tape, crayons, play money and the handouts from the lesson.Although Alexander and his money are quickly parted, he comes to realize all the things that can be done with a dollar.They will also identify jobs that people do in their community.Online Interactive Activities by Stan and Jan Berenstain, chalkboard, play money, drawing paper, crayons, handout (included in the lesson) Students learn about saving money, banks and interest through the Berenstain Bears’ story, discussion, drawing pictures and the Nest Eggs and tables worksheet.Sara has always made gifts for her family for special occasions.For Mother's Day, Sara decides she wants to buy a gift for her mother.Then the Grasshopper knew: It is best to work and save things we will need later.In this lesson, students read a story about a young girl named Sara.


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