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Choose teaching experiences which showcase most clearly your teaching philosophy. If you haven’t had many opportunities for formal instruction, draw on your years of experience as a student and the informal teaching situations that you’ve be a part of: mentoring, leading study groups, community service, tutoring, etc.

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However, the one thing that has remained a constant in my career is my love for teaching writing.

Writing is fundamental in understanding all subjects as well as being the key to understanding and expressing one’s self.

Explain how these experiences will influence your approach to teaching a college-level course.

The Teaching Center offers teaching philosophy statement workshops each semester for those at Wash U on both the Danforth and Medical campuses. In addition, the Teaching Center also offers the Jump-Start program, a month-long guided peer review opportunity that builds on the material from the initial workshop, while helping to facilitate the drafting and revision of the teaching statement.

The Teaching Philosophy Statement is a concise and specific personal essay that describes your core approach(es) to teaching and learning and expresses how you understand your role in the classroom.

The statement should be single spaced and one-two pages in length (unless otherwise specified for a particular job ad).The tone should be professional but conversational.In terms of formatting, it’s a good idea to match the rest of your job market documents (If you’ve written in Times New Roman 12pt for your CV and your job letter, then stick with that for this document as well).When you write your teaching philosophy statement for an application for a faculty position, think about the reasons a search committee may request the document and try to anticipate questions the committee may have about your teaching, such as the following: Successful statements are forward and backwards looking. “Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement.” Ohio State University. They draw on your previous teaching experiences with an eye towards the kind of work you may be asked to do in the role that you are applying for. O’Neal, Chris, Meizlish, Deborah, and Kaplan, Matthew. University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. Successful statements are also student-centered–they explain not just what you will do but also what students do in your courses. “Views of the Classroom.” Insider Higher Education. They are also attuned to the particular challenges associated with teaching in your discipline. Working with students in a digital medium like Time4Writing allows us to drop all other distractions and focus on the art of writing.I learn so much about my students as writers and people through their pieces.As lead teacher, I train, assist, and manage our wonderful group of certified teachers.I love helping my students become better, stronger writers. Growing up in a home of educators in Ohio, I knew from the age of four that I wanted to be an educator.


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