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Similarly, responses structured around mnemonics like DAFOREST or variants can feel artificial and constrained.

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A student could use conjunctions such as ‘because’ and ‘since’ to demonstrate reasoning.We can see these approaches in the powerful arguments we read in the media each day: In these examples from A ‘a full range of appropriate sentence forms [used] for effect’ is, the mark-scheme tells us, a way of helping students to access ‘Level 4’.Particular sentence structures can, however, allow students to showcase more advanced thinking.This is not a discussion of two sides of an argument.‘Where students were awarded marks in Level 2, this was in recognition that their central argument was unclear or muddled, often switching from one side of the argument to the other.’ AQA – examiners’ report, November 2018. What about starting with the weakest ideas and building momentum as we go? ‘The best responses established a clearly identifiable point of view from the start, and followed this through with a coherent series of points to support their central argument.’ AQA – examiners’ report, November 2017.This can work extremely well, as the juxtaposition of humour or self-deprecation with the formal tone of argument can be an extremely sophistictated persuasive technique, which gets the reader ‘on side’.It’s important to ensure that students don’t liberally scatter their responses with rhetorical devices.The writing section of GCSE English Language Paper Two, Section B – persuasive writing or writing to express a viewpoint – is potentially the more challenging of the writing tasks.Perhaps this is because it asks students to work with a form that they’re unaccustomed to: the purpose might be beyond the reach of the students’ everyday domain, demanding successful application of various persuasive writing techniques; the register can be challenging to get right and the discourse unfamiliar.There’s clearly nothing spectacularly new about this topic as stimulus for persuasive writing, but, like the question they’ll tackle in an exam context, it draws from a sphere that students can well be expected to already know something about.I wanted to teach my students the process of planning, drafting and editing their writing, initially over the course of a few lessons, but with the intention that gradually, they could plan, write and edit effectively within the time constraints of the exam.


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