Gay Marriage Pros And Cons Essay

Also marriages which we would call incestuous aren't so rare: Homer in "Odyssey" gave an example of an ideal family when the tsar married the seven sons to the seven daughters. It is a custom and according to it the man has been obliged to marry the wife of the dead brother (even if he already had other wife).

This custom, by the way, appears in the well-known evangelical parable where Pharisees tried to shame Christ with a question - whose wife will be in paradise a woman, who was married for seven brothers.

Opponents tell about immorality of such unions, referring to sacred religious books.

Supporters exclaim that nobody dares to take away freedom of choice from the person ‒ with whom to live and who to love.

The second thing is that the question is not about homosexual families, and generally about lesbians who have got divorced with the husbands to live with the beloved women: that is the factor of influence of the father remained unvalued here.

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At last, the third ‒ meanwhile same-sex marriages exist in the basic in the educated environment where brainwork isn't something outstanding.

This in effect allows one state to make same-sex marriage legal in the entire country. Many areas of the country such as San Francisco have performed marriage ceremonies in defiance of the law.

Many politicians are calling for amendments to their state constitution or the U. Lost in all the legal battles and political maneuvering is the basic question "Should we allow gay couples to legally marry?

Some states have considered a new form of commitment called a "civil union", which essentially is marriage without using the word "marriage".

Many politicians have said they are against gay marriage but think it should be left up to the states to decide.


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