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Maybe it was larger than the culture and it was the other way around. Perhaps the sad and cynical attitude toward life I find so often in their quarter could be called a product of future shock.

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It is not even enough for him to understand the present, for the here-and-now environment will soon vanish. It is only by generating such assumptions, defining, debating, systematizing and continually updating them, that we can deduct the nature of the cognitive and affective skills that people of tomorrow will need to survive this accelerative thrust. It holds that man creates himself consciously, through reason, defining, systematizing, updating and especially deducting (as if this were how we reason).

Johnny must learn to anticipate the directions and rate of change. In truth, when it comes to what we do, where we go, how we live and especially how we cope, little is . Our lives, our Selves, involve far more than higher cerebral activity. He was wrong, in part, because he was wrong about people.

Could it be that we ride astride Change with one foot in powerful Totality and the other in terra crazy? But it does a good job of showing many of the prejudices that have guided our thinking about the future, that have stood in our line of vision demanding that we Think Things Out when something other than detailed intellectualization is required. Toffler is right about many of the changes that are taking place, and maybe about a lot of the traumas too.

But the whole thing is immensely larger than the psychodrama that Toffler depicts.

Toffler hoped that we would generate assumptions upon which the power of systematic thought could be brought to bear, for the purpose of “deducting” new skills.

This shows a profound misunderstanding of what skills are all about. Each skill is through active and repeated dwelling in a process.

What’s going on when even the New Age, with all its mysteries, can get as dull as the evening news? Or maybe the mother culture ate it like a mother fish eats her young. All the data were brought together in support of a novel theory: Things were changing so fast, and at such an accelerated pace, that coping with this change was becoming shockingly difficult for people. I think especially of my friends who jumped into postgraduate study when it looked promising only to find upon obtaining their PH.

Maybe the New Age culture was just a fancy name for one facet of the giant multihedron we call culture. D’s that the only jobs around, if any, were teaching in prisons or South Texas high schools.

The main difference between prediction and prophecy is spiritual.

And it is the spiritual vacuity of It is no longer sufficient for Johnny to understand the past.


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