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The data that is available for you to use in a Free Marker template depends on when and where the template will be used.The XL Deploy Free Marker processor can handle special characters in variable values by sanitizing them for Microsoft Windows and Unix.Is this within the context of a theme or some web content?

So I'am quite suspicious that behind this is a real java map…So it means that Map and Sequence in Freemarker looks to be the same java underlying data structure : a List, because they maintained the order both.

entries will be the variables) or as a Java Bean (the Java Bean properties will be the variables).

The variable values can be simple strings, numbers and such primitive values, but also lists, maps, or arbitrary Java objects whose methods you can call from the template.

Note that when accessing Java Bean properties, Copyright © 2012-2019 vogella Gmb H.

Free Marker is not restricted to templates for HTML pages; it can be used to generate e-mails, configuration files, source code etc.

The first two applications are console applications.

-- Best regards, Daniel Dekany ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Master Visual Studio, Share Point, SQL, ASP.

NET, C# 2012, HTML5, CSS, MVC, Windows 8 Apps, Java Script and much more.

We create new Maven Java Applications in Net Beans.

They use the following Maven build file: characters.


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