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Duration: 14 hours Rating: 4.4 out of 5You can Sign up Here Review : Course is very good, filled with samples and examples that bring home the ideas.For those attempting to utilize their vehicle drive time as learning time, the playback technology could use a continuous play audio option for an improved mobile experience.Pluralidades em Português Brasileiro is a five-week long online self-access course whose aim is to expand intercultural awareness and develop upper intermediate/advanced reading and listening comprehension skills regarding Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language.

Participants will learn how to critically navigate, evaluate and produce information in open, online, and social media settings.

Never before has the need for News Literacy been more urgent.

One of the perks of this tutorial is that no prior experience is required to get started with the lessons.

Key USPs –– Explore the techniques of argument analysis and reconstruction.– Learn to cite sources and avoid plagiarism in your writing.– Each section contains a downloadable PDF book that contains the transcripts for the lectures in that section.– Write a good argumentative essay.– Introduction to fundamental concepts of rhetoric, reasoning with probabilities, personal development etc.– 156 Lectures Full lifetime access 17 Downloadable Resources 17 Articles– Available at affordable pricing on e-learning platform Udemy.

As news consumers are bombarded with a constant stream of fake news, propaganda, hoaxes, rumors, satire, and advertising — that often masquerade as credible journalism — it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

While the public’s faith in the news media erodes, purveyors of misinformation have helped give rise to troubling cultural trends and alarming political movements. I'm excited to have you in the class and look forward to your contributions to the other learners in our community.Aprenderemos la base de la comunicación persuasiva y el pensamiento crítico aplicados a toda clase de formatos: desde las palabras o los argumentos, pasando por las imágenes y los audiovisuales o, finalmente, por los números, las estadísticas y los gráficos.Improve your logical and critical thinking skills in this free online course. We are constantly being given reasons to do and believe things: to believe that we should buy a product, support a cause, accept a job, judge someone innocent or guilty, that fairness requires us to do some household chore, and so on.Critical thinking – the application of scientific methods and logical reasoning to problems and decisions – is the foundation of effective problem solving and decision making.Critical thinking enables us to avoid common obstacles, test our beliefs and assumptions, and correct distortions in our thought processes.-George Holowko This comprehensive program is designed by the University of Michigan for individuals who want to develop their logic and thinking capabilities by applying various analytical methodologies.The lectures present basic concepts from statistics, probability, scientific methodology, cognitive psychology, and cost-benefit theory.This course prepares learners to empower themselves through metaliteracy in a connected world.Metaliteracy promotes critical thinking and self-reflection to consume, create, and share information with others.Assessing the reasons we are given to do or believe these things calls upon us to think critically and logically.Learn how to design, develop, research, and execute a writing project from inception to completion in this credit-eligible course.


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