Format Of Literature Review For Thesis

It may be a separate assignment, or one of the introductory sections of a report, dissertation or thesis.

In the latter cases in particular, the review will be guided by your research objective or by the issue or thesis you are arguing and will provide the framework for your further work.

And remember at all times to avoid plagiarising your sources.

Always separate your source opinions from your own hypothesis. Critical Evaluation of the Literature Have you organised your material according to issues?

If you ignore opposing viewpoints, your argument will in fact be weaker.

Your review must be written in a formal, academic style.What you will need to do is to group together and compare and contrast the varying opinions of different writers on certain topics.What you must not do is just describe what one writer says, and then go on to give a general overview of another writer, and then another, and so on.making sure you consistently reference the literature you are referring to. Have you focussed on primary sources with only selective use of secondary sources? Is there a logic to the way you organised the material?When you are doing your reading and making notes, it might be an idea to use different colours to distinguish between your ideas and those of others. Here is a final checklist, courtesy of the University of Melbourne: Selection of Sources Have you indicated the purpose of the review? Why did you include some of the literature and exclude others? Does the amount of detail included on an issue relate to its importance?You therefore need to use the critical notes and comments you made whilst doing your reading to express an academic opinion.Make sure that: • you include a clear, short introduction which gives an outline of the review, including the main topics covered and the order of the arguments, with a brief rationale for this.The aim of a literature review is to show your reader (your tutor) that you have read, and have a good grasp of, the main published work concerning a particular topic or question in your field.This work may be in any format, including online sources.Have you written a stellar literature review you care to share for teaching purposes?Are you an instructor who has received an exemplary literature review and have permission from the student to post?


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