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If you are interested in how the design of a building can help to revitalize the city (Big Question), you might choose a building that you consider successful (topic) and analyze it trying to understand specifically what aspects of the design make it work (small question).

For Example: Many historians have described Picassos use of collage. If no, keep looking for some set of details that does address your question. Our current definition of organic is a description of how a building works in its climate 3.

If you are interested in how Eskimo culture affects their buildings and you are analyzing an igloo, you may find that the form has implications for: social relationships, cooking methods, communications, dress, games, sexual mores, etc. Your research may draw you in directions that you had not thought about before. Someone should be able to read the outline and know exactly what your thesis is and how you are going to support it, point by point. Wrights building does not work well in its climate therefore his definition of organic must be different than ours. hospital, it was important for the hospital to roll out a planning development strategy on the implementation of the Electronic Media Records.

The hospital chose the already developed technology strategy considering that EMR is a technology that has been applied in other hospitals with a lot of success.

For this to be everybody should have access to the internet and the governments should educate everybody on the importance of the internet and ways of accessing healthcare online.

Informed patients will consult doctors from anywhere in the world through the web.

The system also provides for appropriate medication for any type of disease diagnosed.

The system will also comprise all registered doctors and their background. From the system, the doctor will also be able to know how the patient pays for medication and will promptly charge the person responsible for the payment.

The future health care system will be qualitative and personalized (Roxanne C. This factor ensures an effective and personalized access to medical help.

It factors in the human genetic makeup’s that tailor therapies, treatment, and diagnosis.


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    Form and Function in Architecture. While the designer of the elevator completely understood the forms of the elevator, the up and down buttons, the floor numbers, the emergency buttons, etc. Eco maintains that a primitive soul without knowledge of an elevator would be hard pressed to understand its function because of a lack of understanding.…

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    Seeing Architecture as a fusion of “The Arts” and “The Sciences” restated Sullivan’s Form as ever Follows Function but without the deterministic link. The notion that Form and Function Are One gained ground but this only proved the two were indeed opposites that needed not fusing or “reconciling” but conflating.…

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    Form follows function” allows for ornamentation as long as it serves a function. Still, modernism in architecture emerged from both principles. Its goal was to determine the form of a building solely from functional requirements and not traditional aesthetics.…

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    Further exploration of four examples in this paper will more clearly show that the function of any ‘thing’ is related directly to the form of its construction. To exemplify this connection between form and function let’s look at the construction of the largest organ of the body, specifically the layers of tissues found in the Skin or Integumentary System, as it’s known in scientific terminology.…

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    Form follows function is a principle associated with late 19th and early 20th century architecture and industrial design in general, and it means the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose.…

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    Form Follows Function Essay. The author still thinks functionalism play an essential element in appreciation of the Gothic style in a sense. The fussy principles of Christan architecture such as ornamental buttresses conform to their reasons for functions. However, a style appropriate to the present should be created when applied to contemporary use.…

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    Form in building architecture is the final output. But it is also more than that. It is the value that output creates including the ‘negative space’ which fulfills those things. Negative space is a way of describing that things that aren’t built are as important as things that are.…

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