Food Regulation Essay

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However in light of the current state of the food industry, with so many people falling prey to such lifestyle diseases what remains to be questioned is the veracity of this claim. Unaccountable Power explained with the help of Elite Theory The food industry is the most important industry in the world because every other industry depends on it.

Without food to eat no other industry would survive.

Non domestic economic actors thus in association with legislation through domestic actors play a vital role in the spread of industrial modernity across the globe.

Thus although industrial modernity has given the liberty to most nations to give up their over reliance on nature for sustainability, it has also implanted the disease of unhealthy eating.

(Puddz, 2010) We will attempt to look at some of these issues within the framework of certain theories 1.

The World at Risk- (explained with the help of Ulrich Beck’s World Risk Theory) Ulrich Beck has tried to provide an understanding into how both risk and progress have managed to co- exist and develop in a society.In order to generate the maximum income from newer markets, foreign investors now try to flood the market with goods that totally replace the need for locally made products or services.Thus while encouraging habit of unhealthy eating and an over reliance on ready made goods (the justification for which by most people is lack of time to prepare the food which is absurd considering the amount of time people spend on social networking sites which has made facebook a booming business today); they also attack the livelihood of the people which forms the premise of the economy of the country.His work has focussed on many areas which attempt to explain global pandemics such as SARS, AIDS etc.and the increasing health risks associated as technology develops in the area of food production. pollutants, radiations, toxic chemicals that are used in the production of food.Thus technological advancement has led to a situation where people are blatantly accepting the risks associated with it as a part and parcel of life without realising that they have every right to not have to live with a ticking time bomb every day.Technological advancements in the food industry have had adverse impacts on the agricultural industry in America, had a radical impact on the average American diet and have increased the incidences of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. The question of Human Rights explained with the help of the Universalism School of thought Technological advancements in the food industry that claim to have bettered the lives of people and are cited as examples of an evolutionary and progressive society however has also raised the issue of human rights.(Oracle Think Quest Education Foundation) As one can see it isn’t a representation of an ideal situation.The most basic rights of people who work in the food industry have been suspended because of the greater good of ‘capitalism’.(Weber, 2009) The same is the case halfway across the globe where Bangladeshi workers work for companies such as Wal Mart for wages as low as per month.(Alam, 2010) This can be viewed from the framework of universalism.


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