Flight School Business Plan

Those customers who have really done their homework ask about part 61 or 141 flight schools.A part 141 flight school is an FAA approved school using an approved syllabus.

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) aren’t getting the most out of your student – instructor relationship.

Be sure to ask about background, experience, pass rates, and personality type of instructors when looking at flight schools.

Just because they have been teaching for years, doesn’t mean they have been teaching well for years.

I don’t consider these to be the only things to consider when choosing a flight school, but they are questions that are often missed when a prospective customer calls me.

I don’t necessarily offer a preference to part 61 or 141 training schools, but their training materials do matter.

I do highly recommend seeking out flight schools which operate from a published syllabus.Whether part 61 or 141, a syllabus is a crucial piece for you to monitor your progress, determine strengths & weaknesses, and to avoid costly training oversights that come back to haunt you later in flying.If the flight school does not operate from a syllabus and references to ‘years of experience’ there are some questions that should be asked about average hours to complete the certificate, pass rates, and quality of instruction.We are all busy people, and finding time in our schedules to fly can be a challenge (some more than others), but making sure that the school is willing to work around your schedule, and having availability to meet your scheduling needs is an important logistical consideration that cannot be overlooked.If you find yourself always wanting to fly, and your school being unable to meet your requests, it may be time to find another flight school.There are many advantages of a 141 school, but that is not to exclude part 61 training and some of the benefits that it offers to students.Many part 141 schools offer part 61 training in addition, which one that is suggested to you should depend on your situation.If you would like your flight school listed here even if you aren’t a Houston flight school, please e-mail us at [email protected] tell us if you should be listed in the Houston flight schools listing or elsewhere such as as “listings and social media” page.Founded in January 2017, Third Coast Aviation (‘TCA‘) is a Texas Gulf Coast aviation company providing Part 61 flight training, aircraft acquisition, sales, and management services.Those who have done little to prepare for their search rarely ask key things that a prospective customer should know.These customers are either assuming certain things based on our reputation, or are not aware of the implications of the differences between flight schools.


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