Five Different Types Of Essays

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As we mentioned in our previous lessons, one of the most important things to consider when writing your English essay is what kind of essay you’re writing.

To help you decide this very crucial factor, this lesson is going to be dedicated to identifying, defining and discussing each of these kinds of essays and how they differ from one another.

Make sure to state all the information that you need to support your stand and to invalidate the counter-arguments.

Then proceed to state in full your argument or proposal and the advantages that it will have over the competition.

It’s important to be able to outline the advantages, logical reasons and any available figures or support you might have on hand.

In school this can usually be in the form of reaction papers or reports about movies, documentaries or global issues which you’re being asked to analyze.

This allows you to properly describe what it is that’s being asked of you.

This is also sometimes called an When writing persuasive essays, it’s important to be objective when reporting facts (e.g.

In the workplace, this usually happens when you’re arguing for or against policies of the institution or else, when you’re lobbying for or against someone’s esteem (e.g.

recommendation letters when a position opens up or filing a case against someone).


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